MBWin Overview

The FAO-GIZ MicroBanking System for Windows (MBWin) is banking software designed and developed for a wide range of banks and financial intermediaries.  Because of its multi-tier architecture, the system is highly scaleable and can, therefore, cater to a wide range of users and be adapted to a variety of hardware configurations.  It is modular in terms of applications and functionality.

MBWin has modules for current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, share accounts and loan accounts that interface with the general ledger module (GL) and the contact information module (CIF).   This results in a robust, integrated system.  The centralised CIF module maintains comprehensive information on corporate and individual customers, guarantors and signatories, and it has additional features for specialised microfinance operators that deploy group methodologies.

MBWin offers a classic user-friendly menu structure as well as a set of speed buttons for quick access to the most common functions.
The built-in reports will meet the basic internal and external reporting requirements of most financial organisations.  The built-in report generator allows users to custom-build reports to meet user-specific requirements.

MBWin is the successor of the widely used DOS-based FAO MicroBanking System and has inherited some of the best features of the DOS system, notably the Configurator and Product Generator.  Both features have been enhanced and made more user friendly.

The MBWin is a complete package.  
It includes a number of utilities to help with the

  • migration of data
  • translation of the system into new languages.
  • conversion from manual operations