MBWin - What's New

MBWin is the successor of the older DOS based FAO MicroBanking System.  It provides a smooth upgrade for users of the DOS based system.  It also provides many new features and facilities.

Some of the highlights:

  • MBWin has Concurrent Multi-Language Support (CMLS).  This means that in one branch up to three languages are supported simultaneously.  It allows your clients, as well as your branch staff (tellers) to choose their preferred language.
  • MBWin allows for many-to-many relationships between legal persons and bank accounts.  It means that any number of individuals can share any number of customer accounts, and that for example, an account can have any number of signatories.
  • Great and brand-new functionalities for MFIs that use the group methodologies made popular by Grameen Bank.  These include auto-generated so called “collection sheets” linked with auto-generated batches for the purpose of exception posting.
  • MBWin provides electronic signature storage and retrieval.
  • Teller Access is now controlled through user-defined “roles” instead of the seven levels.  This provides the system administrator with much greater control over the tellers' access to menu options.
  • A report writer is built-in
  • MBWin uses a much expanded set of transaction codes which will make reports and customer statements more transparent.
  • In addition, MBWin provides optional use of user-defined transaction codes
  • MBWin maintains historic interest rates for all products
  • MBWin provides a facility for remote authorization of transactions (the so-called “pending transactions” electronically through the LAN.