Support Policy

First year support: 

Licensed users must purchase a support contract for the first 12 months of usage.  One such contract is required per organization, irrespective of the number of standard licenses or site licenses purchased.  This first-year support contract includes admission for one participant to one of the MBWin training courses that are quarterly conducted in Bangkok, Thailand.  The cost of the first year support contract is USD2,000, irrespective of the number of installed sites. 

Second and future years support: 

1.      Annual Maintenance and Support Contract 

Licensed users are expected to purchase an Annual Maintenance and Support Contract.  This contract provides the following: 

  • Unlimited remote support by email and Internet chat
  • Username and password for our FTP site.  This allows you to download all updates, upgrades, new versions, all bug fixes and it allows you to upload databases for analysis by our experts
  • Username and password for submission of your issues to our Internet based issue tracking system 

The Annual Maintenance and Support Contract does not include customization to the system.

The cost of an Annual Maintenance and Support Contract is 15-35 percent of the current value of your organization’s license fees.  Invoices will be sent out at the beginning of the calendar year for that calendar year.  For additional licenses purchased during that calendar year the maintenance and support fee will be added to the license cost in proportion to the number of months left in that calendar year.

Remote support will be provided by one of the MicroBanker Competence Centers (MBCC), normally the one that is most familiar with the situation in your organization, for example because their experts participated in the installation in your organization and training of your staff. 

2.      Hourly support arrangement 

Users who do not wish to purchase an Annual Maintenance will be charged for support on an hourly basis at the rate of USD125 per hour, with a minimum charge of USD250 per event.  This minimum charge will entitle them to two hours of support time.  These users will be required to make an advance deposit of USD2,500 from which the hourly charges will be debited.  When the balance reaches USD1,000 the deposit must be topped-up to USD2,500 to ensure continuation of this support service. 

The hourly service provides only support for MBWin versions less than 2 years old.  No free updates, upgrades or other services are available under this arrangement.  When the user wants to upgrade to a newer version of MBWin, the upgrade fee is 50 percent of the license fee if their old version is less than two years old, or 100 percent of the license fee if their version is older than two years. 

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