The MBWin Demo System (199 MB) .  This is a complete and working system with a database where you can do transactions, generate reports, add products etc. for evaluation purpose: Download here

A MBWin blank database (8 MB) :   This requires that you first download and install the demo system.  The blank database will allow you to configure and build the MBWin system so that it optimally suits your organization.  You can evaluate MBWin even better than with the demo database because with the cofigured system you can run all your organization's transactions and operations on it for testing purpose, but using the name "MBWin Demo System".  Once you are satisfied that you want to buy MBWin, you pay the license fee and change the name from "MBWin Demo System" to your organization's name, for which we will then send you your unique activation keys: Download here

MBWin Demo database for on-line branch operations (12 MB): This a configured database for testing MBWin in on-line branch environment. Download here

Demo system of the MBMIS (375 MB): This allows you to evaluate the MIS system and its operations, and reports.Download here

Latest MBWin Upgrade (107 MB)  note that upgrades will work only for users who have a current maintenance contract). Download here