Activation Keys


You can evaluate the MBWin system by using the organization name "MBWin Demo Bank" for an unlimited period of time, using the activation keys that are distributed together with the demo system.  You can do this either on the demo database (which has a number of preconfigured products, customers, customer accounts and GL chart of accounts) or on the blank database which you would have to configure fully yourself.

Once you decide that MBWin is appropriate for your organization, you replace the organization name, branch number, branch name with the real ones and we then provide you with a license number.  On the basis of this information, the Configurator will then generate a registration key .

This registration key you then send to us, after paying the license fee.   We use the registration key to generate the activation keys that you require for each of the following application: savings, loans, current accounts, time deposits, share accounts, customer maintenance, general ledger.