MBWin Competence Centers (MBCCs ) provide various consulting services such as:

  • Requirement analysis study : study the operations and practices of an organization determine how the FAO-GIZ MicroBanking System can be best introduced in that organization.  This may also include recommended changes in existing operations and practices.
  • Software customization estimates: as part of the requirement analysis study, there may be areas identified where customization or enhancement of the FAO-GIZ MicroBanking System is desirable.  The customization estimates are needed to estimate the total cost of customization
  • Software customization services: if software customization or enhancement is desirable and agreed upon, the changes can be implemented.
  • Installation and implementation services: once your organization has decided to install the FAO-GIZ MicroBanking System, you may want to hire experts to assist you with installation, configuration, data capture, training of support staff and live run of the software. 

All of the above services are normally chargeable on a man day basis.  You may contact the MBCCs for details. 

MBWin Competence Centers