About Us

Our history
In 1999, FAO and GTZ joined hands to develop a new Windows-based "MicroBanking System", using the latest state-of-the-art technologies.  This was necessitated by the fact that the old DOS-based FAO MicroBanking System, first built in 1987, was rapidly getting outdated.  The first MBWin system was piloted in Nepal in the Energetic Women Cooperative (EWC) in late 2000.

Our mission
Promote the delivery of quality financial services to all people in developing countries, particularly to lower income households and their enterprises.

MBWin is recognized all over the world as the number one banking system for rural and microfinance.

Our services

There are number of MBWin Competence  Centers (MBCCs), which are located in different countries and are primarily responsible for MBWin implementations, training, and support to end-users. 
MBWin Competence Centers

Our global technical center is the "MBWin Center of Excellence" (CoE), located at the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand.  Fifteen full time experts are employed there to support the MBCCs and to further enhance the system.