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  1. I cannot modify the interest rate of a product from the Configurator. Why?
  2. I cannot change the GL Account and Sort Code mask in the Configurator. Why?
  3. A GL account is not appearing in the lookup list for batch transactions ?
  4. What is the meaning of the "Rollover Until Date" in Time Deposits?
  5. How is the profit or loss for the current financial year reflected during the End Of Year operation?
  6. Why I get the error message "No Calendar record for this date" or "Calendar File is corrupted or incomplete", during End of Year procedure or at other times?
  7. What is the difference between the "Make current" option and the "Do not make current" option in "Reschedule Loan" (MM-3-4-5)?
  8. Why are the transaction description fields in GL batches so short and why we cannot write a long description during GL transaction posting?
  9. Do I need to purchase the MIS system or can I only purchase MBWin?
  10. What is the purpose of the location code in loan opening?
  11. Why are two tellers required to change the principal owner of an account?
  12. How can I easily view the account details of a group member without going to the customer enquiry (MM-1-7-2) screen? The F9 key does not work in the group maintenance screen.
  13. I cannot edit contact/customer information from the group maintenance screen (MM-0-1). How can I edit member or group information?
  14. How are the function keys used in MBWin?
  15. I understand that there is the possibility of loans auto closing. How does this work?
  16. Why does the Full Trial Balance not show all GL accounts?
  17. I am interested to know about the possibility of becoming a reseller of MBWin in my country.
  18. What is the difference between registration keys and activation keys?
  19. What is the main purpose of the "Number of Re-tries" setting in the CFGR for Standing Orders? Is it the limit for the system to automatically retry to transfer from one account to another account, in case there is insufficient balance? If so, in the Standing Order Screen MM-2-7-1, there is also an expiry date for the standing order. Which one will be followed by the system?
  20. Why is the field "GL Contra Account" disabled when I try to do a transaction in MM-3-3-3 or MM-3-3-4 (Credit Accrual and Debit Accrual)?
  21. We get the error 'class not registered' when running MBWin or running Periodic Operations.
  22. I have installed MBWin on Windows 2003 server. Whenever we try any keyboard input in MBWin system, we get 'Access violation...' error message. or I have installed MBWin on any Windows server. Whenever we try any keyboard input in MBWin system, MBWin crash.
  23. MBWin help screens do not work in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  24. Why do I get 'Canvas does not allow drawing' error message when I print a report in MBWin?
  25. An error message 'Not enough storage is available to complete this operation' shows ups when performing some MBWin operations.
  26. In brand new installation of MBWin it might happen that 'Class not registered' error shows up during Periodic Operations, such as End of Day, End of Session or End of Month.
  27. 'Mismatch Data Packet' message is shown during start MBWIN.
  28. F9 Function key to call CIF Access in MBWin doesn't work.
  29. Error 'ZipMsgXX.res is probably not linked to the executable Missing String ID is 10704' during synchronization
  30. Error is 'UDL file cannot be saved. Ensure that the file is not read-only.'
  31. Error 'Connection Failure' during merging in MBMIS.
  32. I cannot log in to MBWin with valid teller and password after upgrading. The error message says 'invalid teller and password'.
  33. Error 'Cannot resolve the collation conflict between...' in MBWin after install new SQL Server.
  34. MBWin database size limit for MBWin databases in SQL server Express editions.
  35. Supported SQL Server versions for different MBWin versions .
  36. Error 'Error loading MIDAS.dll' when starting MBWin.